Activated Carbon Services

About C.U.E. Anvil Covers

C.U.E., Inc. is a privately held company with two facilities, dedicated entirely to molding cast polyurethanes.  We trace our urethane molding roots back to 1957, the pioneering days of urethane technology.  In 1986, we became C.U.E., Inc. (acronym for Custom Urethane Elastomers) with a dedicated focus on continual development as a highly technical polyurethane molding company.  This dedication provided C.U.E. a loyal and growing customer base.

Today, C.U.E. is one of the United States' largest molders of urethanes.  With over 110,000 square feet of manufacturing space and processing 3 million pounds of urethane annually, C.U.E. has the capacity to handle virtually any urethane requirement.  C.U.E.’s quality generates a global demand, as products are shipped to more than 50 countries each year.
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