Anvil Cover Products

C.U.E. Anvil Covers

C.U.E., Inc. is one of the world's largest manufacturers of urethane products for the Corrugated Paper Industry. Proprietary urethane formulations and strict process control translate to consistent high performance for roatry die cutting operations.  Anvil covers are available in a traditional metal-backed design with a steel lock-bar mechanism, or with a mesh backing and jigsaw lock.  C.U.E. is ISO-9001 certified and stocks anvil covers on 6 continents.

Timesaver Anvil Cover

Timesaver ®
Timesaver Anvil Covers feature traditional design elements for optimum die cutting performance including a solid-steel backing, solid-steel lock mechanism, and a precision-ground urethane surface.

EZ-Lock Anvil Cover

EZ Lock ®
EZ Lock Anvil Covers are high-quality, meshed-backed covers that use magnets to firmly hold the first end of the cover in the keyway and feature a jigsaw-style locking mechanism.




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