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Timesaver® Anvil Covers

C.U.E.'s Timesaver Anvil Covers are designed to be the premier urethane cover available for the Corrugated Industry to improve productivity with their rotary die cutting equipment.

Unique anvil cover design advantages include:

Anvil CoverReduce Die-Cutter Downtime: Timesaver's unique solid steel lock bar and exclusive pry bar tool allow for the industry's fastest anvil cover installation and rotation times. This equates to less costly die cutter downtime. Click to see a Rotation Demo Video

Improve Cut and Score Quality: A consistent surface is required for good cut and score quality with a soft anvil system. Timesaver anvil covers are molded in-the-round and precision ground to thickness. The solid steel backing guarantees dimensional stability throughout the life of the anvil cover. Timesaver's solid steel lock bar eliminates the soft spot over the keyway for consistent cutting around the entire circumference of the cylinder.

Maximize Anvil Cover Life: Timesaver's drastically reduced rotation time allows for more frequent cover rotations, maximizing cover life. C.U.E.'s proprietary urethane formulation is engineered to withstand even the harshest die cutting applications.

Exclusive Dual-Width Design Available: C.U.E. is the only manufacturer of Dual-Width anvil covers. Dual-Width Timesavers are twice as wide as standard anvil covers. This design reduces the number of seams across the cylinder for improved cut quality. Installation and rotation time is cut in half with Dual-Width Timesavers. A built in cost savings also makes Dual-Width Timesaver an outstanding anvil cover value.

Manufactured to Precise OEM Specifications: All Timesaver anvil covers are produced to exact original equipment manufacturers' specifications guaranteeing precise fit and performance from every anvil cover.

Stocked by Quality Distributors Worldwide: C.U.E.'s extensive anvil cover distribution network allows for immediate delivery worldwide. Please contact C.U.E. to find the anvil cover stocking distributor nearest you. Or Email us by clicking here.


Timesaver Anvil Cover Anatomy

The Timesaver® Anvil Cover lives up to its name, cutting rotation times from thirty minutes to three. Because it’s the only anvil cover that’s twice as wide as the industry average, it can be rotated faster and lasts longer.

Timesaver Features:

Anvil Cover TimesaverSolid Steel Backing
Fewer Seams
Steel Lock Bar & Hold Down Angle
Proprietary Welding Process
Premium Grade Urethane
Dimensional Accuracy


The TimeSaver® also features a unique construction of solid steel backing followed by a proprietary process that welds the steel lock bar and steel angle for a precise fit every time – a vital dependability difference that means seamless installation and a perfect cutting surface.

TimeSaver® anvil covers are engineered to maximize the performance of your rotary die cutter. C.U.E., Inc. has designed several features into our TimeSaver® anvil covers to help you Build a Better Box.



For more information about C.U.E.'s Timesaver Urethane Anvil Covers call 800-283-4621 or click here to contact us.