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    C.U.E., Inc. is a leading manufacturer of urethane anvil covers for the corrugated industry. Highest quality products are produced in a world-class, ISO-9001 certified production facility.

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    C.U.E. anvil covers are available for all makes and sizes of rotary die cutters and are stocked on six continents for immediate shipment.

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    C.U.E. is a premier urethane molding company with over 50 years in the industry. C.U.E. produced the world’s first soft anvil die cutting cover and today ships products to over 60 countries from stocking distributors.

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Anvil Covers / Rotary Die Cutting Blankets

C.U.E., Inc. is a world leader in the manufacturing of urethane products for the corrugated paper industry. All C.U.E. products feature proprietary urethane formulations and strict, ISO-9001-certified processing controls to create products specifically designed for the demanding applications of the Corrugated Industry. Primary product lines include Timesaver and EZ Lock Anvil Covers (a.k.a. anvils, blankets, mats, jackets) for rotary die cutting.  Also available are anvil covers for glue lap and attachment die cutting, lead edge feed wheels, no crush wheels, and other custom designed anvil cover products.Contact Us
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Timesaver ® Anvil Covers

Timesaver Anvil Covers feature traditional design elements for optimum die cutting performance including a solid-steel backing, solid-steel lock mechanism, and a precision-ground urethane surface.

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EZ-Lock Anvil Covers

EZ Lock TM Anvil Covers

EZ Lock Anvil Covers are high-quality, meshed-backed covers that use magnets to firmly hold the first end of the cover in the keyway and feature a jigsaw-style locking mechanism.

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Attatchment Die Covers

Attachment-Die Covers

C.U.E. produces Dura-Latch and Cor-Lock Attachment-Die Covers for glue laps and attachment dies.  Dura-Latch covers fit on traditional grooved metal anvils while Cor-Lock covers are for systems with free-wheeling bearings.

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Feed Wheel Products

Feed Wheels

C.U.E.’s feed wheels are molded using the highest-quality urethane materials, and feature a precision-ground surface to deliver maximum longevity and performance.

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