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Custom Urethane Product Development Solutions & Services

Let C.U.E. help make your idea a commercialized reality.

C.U.E., Inc. specializes in urethane product development. Our team of engineers assists with product design based on your requirements. Hundreds of new parts are designed each year by our experienced team. This experience can translate into a product that meets your vision and one that can be manufactured efficiently.

After the product design is complete, we design our own molds in-house with our 3 dimensional software package. Our Ph.D. polymer chemist develops a new, or customizes an existing urethane compound to meet your exact performance specifications. Prototype parts are produced for customer approval and field testing.

Once your product is ready for commercialization, we have the capability and capacity for large, efficient production runs on one of our dozen state-of-the-art manufacturing cells. A wide range of finishing equipment such as chop saws, band saws, sanders, and CNC lathes are available should your part require machine finishing.

We have designed products for highway maintenance and safety, high-tech industries, military applications, packaging applications, and vehicle components to name a few. We’ve worked with several fortune 500 companies on high-volume-potential new projects. One of our recent development projects resulting in C.U.E. winning a coveted R & D 100 award.

Urethane Manufacturing Capabilities:

C.U.E. possesses some of the most extensive manufacturing capabilities in the cast urethane industry.  With three locations, and over 130,000 square feet of manufacturing space to serve you, C.U.E. is constantly investing in the latest in urethane processing technology.  But a company is not built on equipment alone, it’s our people that make a difference.  A dedicated group of experienced Engineers, Quality Technicians, Production Staff, Sales and Customer Service personnel; all dedicated to producing the highest-quality, urethane and cast urethane products for you.

C.U.E. has the ability to formulate and mold virtually any currently available cast urethane chemistry (click to see Urethane Materials & Technical Data).  In addition to solid cast urethanes, C.U.E. also molds high-performance micro-cellular urethanes in the 28 to 50 pound per cubic foot density range. 

Urethane Engineering and Design:

As part of an experienced technical team, C.U.E. employs a dedicated, talented Urethane Engineering staff.  This Engineering team works together with our PhD Chemist, Quality Control Department, and Sales/Customer Service personnel to understand each customer’s requirements and determine how best to meet those requirements.

If needed, C.U.E. Urethane Engineers stand ready to provide you with urethane part design assistance.  Working together with the customer, we can suggest the best design and material to satisfy the demands of the application based on our many years of experience.  From concept drawings, to prototype and then full-scale production, our entire staff is working to make your urethane part vision a reality.

C.U.E.'s Urethane Facilities:

C.U.E. operates one of the largest and most modern cast urethane manufacturing facilities in the United States.  Our Cranberry Township, PA operation is comprised of an 83,000 square foot production facility, which also houses our corporate offices.  Continual reinvestment into the company has provided state-of-the-art processing, finishing, and quality control equipment, providing excellent economies-of-scale and real value to C.U.E.’s customers.

C.U.E. has a second production facility located in Mt. Hope, West Virginia.  The West Virginia plant, with 30,000 square feet, provides added capacity, several unique manufacturing capabilities, and specialized, proprietary urethane compounds. 

A third C.U.E. production facility is located in Dallas, Texas, serving the oil and gas industry.

The three C.U.E. plants combine to process over 3 million pounds of urethane annually.  Together, they offer the most complete capabilities and urethane chemistry variations available anywhere.

For more information about C.U.E.'s Urethane Product Development Solutions & Services call 800-283-4621 or click to contact us.