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Cor- Lock Anvil Covers

Replacement Anvil Covers For Printer Slotters - Folder Gluers - Corrugated Paper Industry
Cor-Lock Anvil CoversCOR-LOCK anvil covers are specifically designed for the corrugated paper industry and for Glue-Lap and attachment die-cutting machines. COR-LOCK is a direct replacement for your Anvilok III* anvil cover and can be used without system modifications. Our unique patented design installs faster and features a solid-steel anvil cover backing and extremely durable urethane.

Previously, converting your printer-slotter or folder-gluer to the Anvilok III system meant limiting yourself to a single source for replacement anvil covers.

Now with COR-LOCK Anvil Covers you have a choice.

COR-LOCK anvil covers are designed to fit your Anvilok III System slip bearing without any modifications. In fact, the specially formed metal tab on COR-LOCK covers enables operators to install or rotate these anvil covers faster and easier than the Anvilok III covers they replace. COR-LOCK was designed to eliminate the hassles of sliding a channel into the slip-bearing keyway.

In COR-LOCK you gain all the features that you expect in a C.U.E. designed anvil cover, including:

  • - One-piece construction for ease of installation, increased productivity.
  • - Highest quality, durable urethane material for maximum service life.
  • - Gapless urethane lock for clean, consistent cutting performance.
  • - Solid steel backing to prevent anvil cover distortion.

- For ease of installation, high productivity, and maximum life the choice is clear:

COR-LOCK...The Anvil Cover of Choice!


For more information about C.U.E.'s Cor-Lock Anvil Covers call 800-283-4621 or click here to contact us.