Urethane Road Maintnenace Equipment Parts

Dura-Trax Polyurethane Road Maintenance Equipment Parts

Throughout our history, whenever C.U.E. has recognized a specific problem that was ideally suited for a polyurethane solution, we have responded by directing our engineering capabilities toward a simple and cost-effective solution. At times, this has led to the development of an entire line of C.U.E. proprietary urethane products.

In the early eighties, C.U.E. identified the need of highway and road maintenance departments to improve the efficiency of their snow and ice control equipment. This led to the development of a range of urethane replacement parts designed to keep plow and spreader equipped trucks on the road instead of in the maintenance shop. First to be developed was an all-urethane salt spreader, quickly followed by spinner mounting hubs, and then poly snow plow blades. Each is manufactured in a compound and hardness appropriate for the intended application.


Next came a series of replacement parts for asphalt paving and road maintenance equipment parts, including Track Pads and Grouser Shoes.  Unlike their metal counterparts, our urethane products will not rust or corrode. Our salt spreaders resist the abrasive wear effects of sand and salt.  Our poly snowplow blades flex on impact with raised road hazards, to reduce the impact’s shock, and then return to their original shape.  And our track pads are made to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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