Poly Snow Plow Blades

Dura-Trax Track Pads & Grouser Tracks

Paving the way to profitable road construction. Lower your overall operating costs by outfitting your machine with premium quality Dura-Trax Polyurethane Track Pads for long service life. 

Highway construction and maintenance requires extremely durable equipment, the very characteristic that defines C.U.E. urethane products.  Our tough, durable urethane coats the grouser tracks on asphalt pavers, milling machines, excavators, bulldozers and trench diggers, which enable these pieces of equipment to travel over existing pavement without damaging it. 

Dura-Trax Grouser Tracks and Track Pads are still cast today using the same type of premium-quality, thermoset Polyurethane material that was originally specified by equipment manufacturers.  Many suppliers of these parts have switched to much cheaper thermoplastic and lower grade “one shot” urethane systems. However, because our good name rides on them, C.U.E. continues to manufacturer Dura-Trax products using the time-tested, higher-quality thermoset urethane materials that many others have abandoned for cost reasons. Unlike them, we still believe that our customers deserve only the very best in quality and durability.



NOTE: Plows utilizing Dura-Trax Snow Plow Blades must be supported by plow shoes or casters to maximize blade life. Blades should never be used to support the weight of the plow.

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